Saturday, October 9, 2021

Gorgeous-looking suspected scammers spamming me on Telegram and WhatsApp. How I responded.

I receive at least 4 to 5 spams from suspected scammers on Telegram and WhatsApp every day. To capture your attention, these spammers always use a gorgeous picture profile. 

Here are some samples.

















They use the same sales pitch to catch their victim by copying and pasting from the same sales template. Initially, I simply block them but they keep coming back. 

I have changed tack. 

Since scammers play on their victims' psychological weaknesses such as fear and greed, I will use the same playbook on them to invoke fear of retribution for their evil deeds. It does not take much effort. I simply copy and paste from the standard reply template below;

Hi there, are you part of a scam? It is very selfish and despicable to rob innocent people's money earned through sweat and toil.

Are you not afraid of going to jail and being fined? The police are on the lookout now.

Even if you do not get caught by police this life, you will be punished in the afterlife. Christians believe in hell, Buddhists believe in karma. There will be retribution. Even if you earn good money now, retribution can strike you later in the form of bad luck. Accidents, cancer, Covid, investment losses can happen mysteriously to you.

Do you want to live righteously or continue your wrongdoings? You cannot run away. Either you get punished in this life or the next.

It is still not too late. Please stop what you are doing to save yourself.

The above reply was modified from a Christian who is holier than me.

I get more spam on telegram than the average person because I am an admin of 2 telegram groups Interactive Brokers Singapore Community and Singapore Telegram listings. The spam seems to have been reduced after I use the template reply.

Feel free to copy and paste the reply when you encounter suspected scammers on social media.

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