Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A solution to protect talented, successful men from sex scandals

I am surprised the latest sex scandals to rock our country actually put me in a good light in the eyes of my wife. The guilty men are top civil servants in Singapore which is known for its squeaky-clean government officials. My wife commented that although I was a boring and unromantic engineer, she is glad that she can put her heart at rest when it comes to such deviant behavior. I do not know whether to laugh or cry. Engineers make faithful husbands not because they are more moral but because they have the least opportunities to stray. Engineers in Singapore are unlikely to be very rich. They face computers and equipments most of the time in the office, have little contact with gorgeous ladies and most do not occupy positions high enough to receive sexual favors. Men who have stayed faithful to their wives are either not rich and powerful enough to be targeted or have little exposure to temptations in their daily lives. I shall not delude myself and take the credit for staying faithful because I am a moral man. What is closer to the truth is that I am a deprived man. In this case, this is a good thing because I am naturally protected from being destroyed by sex scandals and divorces.

It is a pity to have so many talented men throughout history regardless of race and religion be destroyed by sex scandals. These are men who could have gone on to achieve greater things and this represents a serious brain-drain to mankind! In this article, a solution to stem this brain-drain will be presented.

In the previous post, some rules for men to follow to protect their money from beautiful women who are employed as Sales tools were suggested. However, rules are useful only if the rule follower is disciplined. How many married men can stay disciplined when an irresistible seductress wraps her arms and legs around him, then skilfully move towards to the soft trigger spots? Therefore, a solution cannot simply consist of moral rules like the 10 commandments. By the way, who can really follow the 10 commandments? Not even on Sunday!

Rich and successful men at the peak of their career are desirable takeover targets of scheming gold-diggers. Actually, to be fair to women, most of the time it is the men who request to be taken over. A viable solution would be to make the men who are desirable takeover targets become poison pills for the gold-digger women whether the men like it or not. This is to protect men from their own weaknesses. Even powerful men have a soft spot for sexy ladies.

The Woman's Charter entitles a woman to a big chunk of the husband's assets and his future income in a divorce. Yet this is not enough to scare the men into behaving themselves. One proposal is  instead of getting the man to pay for his misdeeds, get the 3rd-party seductress to pay for the damages. Get the mistress to pay the wife if she sues for divorce. The man will pay for the remainder after the seductress has paid until she is bankrupt. By having such a law, no gold-digger woman would dare to seduce our men because it is going to dig a big hole in their own pockets. Thus, our men will be protected from sex scandals. I implore our law-makers to protect our local men by transforming them into poison pills to the gold-diggers.

This law provides an outlet to wives who want to get back at the mistresses who break up their families. There is no better way to do this than to sue the mistress to bankruptcy.

Singapore is known for its high density of high net-worth individuals. Foreign women might be attracted to come here to make money off our local rich men. Rather than suffer an outflow of wealth from our men's adultery, the country will at least enjoy an inflow of wealth by "levying a heavy fine" on foreign women for seducing our men and breaking up their families. Fair justice.

Some men may protest that such a law will take the fun out of their life. If they love their money and family, the only woman that a married man should allow himself to be seduced is his wife. All other women are simply too expensive. Some men may say they need an outlet and their wives simply cannot fulfill them on this aspect. I have a better idea. Go to the toilet and DIY (do-it-yourself). It is free of charge, risk-free (no fear getting sexually transmitted disease), no one will make snide remarks about your sexual performance, no need to synchronize with anyone, own time own target etc. Some men will still insist this is not enough and is a stupid idea. I will still repeat the same message in a blunter way - Go fuck yourself(literally) and get over with it.

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