Monday, April 26, 2021

Thank you Futu for the SGD30 cash voucher and free 1 Apple share

I am writing this blog post to express my gratitude to Futu for the SGD30 cash coupon and the free 1 Apple share worth around USD130++ (26Apr2021) received a few days ago. This is not a sponsored post.

To receive the same rewards that I did, you can apply for an account at Futu's website and place a deposit of $2700. You can withdraw the cash later if you do not like the Moomoo platform. There is no catch.

I am not sure when this promotion ends. Some blog articles mentioned it ends at 30Apr but it seems this deadline applies only for referral links. The link I provided above is not a referral link. Anyway, to be sure of getting the rewards, apply for the account before 30Apr.

To me, it is a risk-free deal to get free cash and share gift. Thank you, Futu.

After an account has been created, you can get your family members who are interested in getting a brokerage account to use your referral link to apply for an account. You will be rewarded with SGD30 cash coupon for each account created with $2700 deposit but please tell your family members to do so before 30Apr.

I created the Moomoo account only a few days ago. I am still not familiar with the platform to write an extensive blog post to describe my experience.

You can get more value reading other bloggers' posts about Moomoo's platform. Here are some blog articles on Moomoo's platform.

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